The ZAP Alias Electric Car

Nothing happens unless first a dream – Carl Sandberg

Download ZAP Alias Info Card from XPRIZE Awards Ceremony

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ZAP Alias Electric Car Information

Also available as an Acrobat PDF

About The Vehicle
ZAP’s approach in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE was to create a sleekly styled, 100% plug‐in electric roadster designed in a three‐wheeled configuration, two wheels in front, one in the rear. The 2‐ (optional 3) passenger vehicle employs unique automotive design and manufacturing techniques in order to achieve ZAP’s business goals of practicality and affordability.

Key Innovations:

  • High performance, three‐wheeled design
  • Advanced lightweight motor/ controller
  • Advanced lithium‐ion phospate batteries
  • NASCAR style safety cage/composite construction
  • Production plans are to sell the Alias for approximately $35,000.

About The Team
ZAP is one of the few Teams in the X PRIZE that has experience producing and selling electric vehicles. The ZAP Alias team has a diverse makeup of veteran automotive engineers, seasoned automotive technicians, youthful, enthusiastic talent, electric vehicle pioneers and master automotive craftsmen. Team leader Gary Starr has been working on electric vehicles for more than 35 years, having built his first electric car in college in 1974. Together with Chuck Turney, a master automotive designer and builder with 35 years experience working for the Detroit Auto Industry, Starr and Turney have an ideal blend of leadership for a team building electric cars of the future. Combined with the manufacturing ability of Jonway Auto, ZAP looks poised for rapid growth in the electric vehicle industry. ZAP was founded in 1994 to create an advanced transportation company. In an era when government and industry are debating how to solve our growing
transportation problems, ZAP has been a pioneer in providing cost effective advanced transportation solutions and helping to create a paradigm shift in transportation. In 16 years ZAP has designed, manufactured and shipped over 117,000 electric vehicles, ranging from electric bikes to electric scooters, ATVs, cars, vans and trucks, to over 75 countries.

What Does the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE mean to them?
The timing with the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE could not a better opportunity for ZAP and its plans with the Alias. Meeting competition criteria for the PIAXP and following their guidelines and advice is an asset that far exceeds the investment in the competition. The X PRIZE’s goal of creating an advanced vehicle that could be readily produced was in synch with ZAP’s corporate goal. Design, safety, production, marketability, performance —many of the things the traditional auto industry look at when bringing a vehicle to market—were key areas of focus for the XPRIZE and ZAP in the making of the Alias. The 100+ MPGe is an added challenge that makes the competition a unique opportunity in the history of the auto industry.


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