The ZAP Alias Electric Car

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ZAP Alias Range Test from #PIAXP Knockout Stage, MIS

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Range testing for the ZAP Alias and the alternative class is two-thirds of the overall goal of 100 miles on a charge. So, the Alias needed to drive 68 miles on a single charge, which is 34 laps at Michigan International Speedway on the two-mile track. Cars need to establish a 55 mph average and make a stop every 5 laps, so the goal is the stay hit 60 MPH. To save the battery pack for the event, we towed the car out to the track from the charging stations with our ZAP XL electric truck. The Alias sure looks great going around the speedway. It shared the heat with Amp’d Sky, Aptera, Edison2, Liion Wave2 and Tata Motors. Thankz for watching.


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