The ZAP Alias Electric Car

Nothing happens unless first a dream – Carl Sandberg

Take a Tour of ZAP Electric Vehicles with CEO Steve Schneider

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A delegation of Japanese business people came to ZAP in early June from Usami Co., a chain of gas stations throughout Japan. This is a brief 2 min overview of the tour with special clips of the ZAP Alias combined with shots of our CEO showing other vehicles and vehicles that have inspired us to build the Alias… the Volkswagen Bug, the Smart Car, the Sam Cree, the Xebra, the XL Truck, ZAP Shuttle, ZAP Taxi, Zappy3, Zapino, Detroit Electric, Charging Stations, USPS Project, and ZAP Dude. The tour includes our dealer showroom, our production and R&D workshop, and our main warehouse. For the full 30 minute tour, tune into our zapevfilms channel, in a 3-part series that we will be publishing over the next 2 weeks detailing our current development. Thankz for watching!


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