The ZAP Alias Electric Car

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Shakedown Day 2 for ZAP Alias at #PIAXP

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Day 2 at the Shakedown for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize at Michigan International Speedway was the first of three inspection days, where each car must pass inspection for a list of basic mechanical and electrical standards to ensure safety and integrity. The process took several hours and the ZAP Alias faired better than most other vehicles. Only 3 team members could be in the inspection garage at a time, but the other members were nearby to run for tools and parts. The ZAPPY3 was very useful for running errands and saving time walking all the way to the garage. ZAP had to make a handful of small modifications back at the garage. It was all hands on deck, and required some trips to the store. Gary couldn’t resist stopping at an antique store. Nearly all the teams were running around making modifications. ZAP helped other teams and received help from others. Thanks to Team Wikispeed for letting us use their cirucular saw. The process took all day and we were nearly finished by 8 pm when they closed the garage and it started to rain again. The Alias is up for inspection first thing tomorrow morning. An exhausting day, but exciting. Cross you fingers that we pass so we can start driving the car.


Written by ZAPalias

May 5, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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