The ZAP Alias Electric Car

Nothing happens unless first a dream – Carl Sandberg

Putting the ‘ZAP’ in transportation for 15 years

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More about ZAP’s philosophy and what it stands for

ZAP was founded in 1994 to create an automotive company that stands for the environment and for the future. In an era when government and industry are debating how to solve our growing transportation problems, ZAP has been a pioneer in providing cost effective advanced transportation solutions and helping to create a paradigm shift in transportation.  Indeed, ZAP has designed, manufactured and shipped over 117,000 electric vehicles, ranging from electric bikes to electric scooters, ATVs, cars, vans and trucLogo for electric vehicle pioneer ZAPks, to over 75 countries.

ZAP is a business opportunity at a pivotal moment in history when average people around the world are coming to grips with pollution, rising fuel prices, traffic congestion, parking shortages, noise pollution, endangered habitats and species—the list goes on. The technology is available and the timing is right for a small group of entrepreneurs to save the world that we all love, for our children, grandchildren and beyond.

ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution®.  Indeed, this ubiquitous word ‘zap,’ because of its active, succinct nature, has been a cultural icon since beyond reckoning, but we believe that now ‘zap’ has finally found a new positive meaning.  In fact the word ‘zap’ has been defined as a small electrical charge.  As a pioneer in electric vehicles, ZAP vehicles have become synonymous with electric vehicles.  People often call electric bikes ZAP Bikes, or electric scooters a ZAPPY®.

While, Zero Air Pollution in transportation is arguably impossible with conservation of energy and perpetual motion, we believe that Zero Air Pollution is an ideal that can inspire us to innovation.  ZAP’s vehicle have been among the first that have included solar charge panels, and ZAP customers have installed larger solar arrays on their homes to create essentially ‘Zero Air Pollution’ vehicles.

ZAP electric bicycles have been used by more than 500 law enforcement agencies and security companies.

ZAP bicycles have been used in law enforcement.

ZAP is not just good for the planet, it’s fun!  When people use an electric vehicle, there is a distinct combination of motion and emotion that brings a smile to the face of everyone who experiences it for the first time and will keep them wanting more.  There is also a sense of fun because the act of ‘zapping’ does not have all the negative associations that it has with other forms of transportation. With electric vehicles people can save money, feel safer, know they are not polluting as much nor making as much noise, while they are enjoying themselves.  With ZAP, people can have fun without making a great deal of sacrifice or feeling guilty about doing it.

ZAP is a new way of thinking that is beginning to spread, even though some may not even have a name for it or even realize it. Indeed, our competitors have told us that shoppers come to them looking for “those new ZAP vehicles.”  ZAP is a lifestyle with many intrinsic benefits, not the least of which is a feeling of doing the right thing, almost a psychological state of mind that fills people with a confidence and passion for change. It is amazing to see the process at work when you watch people literally get “ZAPPED;” when people get back from a demo, or maybe see or learn about alternative transportation for the first time; you can almost see a light bulb go on above their head and they start to see that their daily transportation and recreation can not only be fun and cool, but good for the community and indeed the planet!

ZAP Alias electric car computer design drawing

the ZAP Alias electric car

Like the emerging market for advanced automotive technologies, ZAP is constantly redefining itself from the small garage company of 15 years ago on its way to becoming a force in global transportation.  We believe the ideal of Zero Air Pollution is better described as the journey rather than the destination.  At ZAP we consider Zero Air Pollution as our ideal and we are targeting that niche in the auto industry that can move people towards and attract people who share this vision of the future.

Today, many new and large players are entering the electric vehicle industry.  ZAP has looked closely at these new emerging players and has retained its market position as the leader of cost effective EVs.  ZAP is leading the world in low cost electric vehicles for the fleet marketplace and with its entry the Alias as a low cost consumer based vehicle, with pioneering design, engineering and components.

Along with its new partner, Holley Metering, ZAP is working on new vehicles and charge systems that have the goal to make driving and using an electric vehicle as easy as charging a cell phone. Join us.


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